$7,000.00 TO $15,000.00




Drawing fundraisers can be very successful fundraisers for a variety of reasons. You have no cost, and the proceeds are limited only by the number of tickets sold.
Our fundraiser works so well because you can achieve high profit margins. We make sure the GRAND GIFT is exciting by offering a cruise that can be used over a one year period to the winner or a resort stay with over 5,000 locations to choose from.
The drawings are less risky than big events. You don’t have to depend on getting large groups of people together at one time, like in a dinner or auction.
This is great for any size group - from just one person to hundreds. For example we conducted a drawing fundraiser with only 5 ticket sellers that rose over $1000 profit for their charity!
Follow these guidelines and you will be totally amazed by the results.
Essentials for a Successful drawing.
Prize - It would not be a drawing if you had nothing to give away! So what kind of prize is better than a vacation? First of all, put yourself in your potential supporter’s shoes - What if someone comes up to you and says they are selling drawing tickets? What prize would you like to win?
Travel is always a winner. A cruise or resort stay is always a great idea because most people love to travel and the biggest obstacle is cost. Now if they receive the GRAND GIFT in this drawing, they’ll just have to take some vacation time and go.
The larger gifts such as a cruises or resort stay will draw more ticket buyers. However, travel doesn’t have to be exotic to make a great gift. Even a weekend getaway within driving distance could be a great getaway. As long as it’s a place people in your area would want to go to for a vacation. We will establish with you what kind of prize would be most appealing and marketable for your audience.
Price Point
The price set for tickets can make or break a drawing fundraiser. The ticket price needs to be high enough to reflect the value of the prize, and the raise the funds needed. However, it shouldn’t be so high that no one will want to buy a ticket!
Again, you have to know your audience. What are your supporters willing to pay for a ticket? For our gifts and/or audiences you will need to charge $10.00 or $20.00 a ticket. But remember, the lower your ticket price, the more tickets you need to sell to make a good profit.
This is why having a big gift is so important. You can charge a higher ticket price for big ticket prizes.
For most drawings that we help conducted, the average ticket price is $10.00 per ticket. This accurately reflects the value of the prize and was a price most people were willing to pay. In fact many people buy 2 or more tickets each. Carefully weigh all these aspects when setting the price of the tickets.
How much money do you want to raise? Is this your group’s only fundraiser for the year, or a supplement? Deciding how much to be raised from the drawing is the first step in creating goals.
Second, estimate the number of ticket sellers you can count on. How many tickets should each person sell, at minimum, to reach the fundraising goal? This ticket / amount raised goal is the Target goal.
Lastly set a stretch goal. This will provide motivation for your group to achieve more. Your super sellers will go for the stretch.
How will you motivate the volunteers to sell more tickets? Possibly a prize (like a gift certificate) for the person that sells the most? Simple encouragement, praise and enthusiasm will go a long way in motivating your group.
Also, create time-line goals. Set a goal for one or two midpoint dates during the selling period. This will help you gauge your progress.
Boost your Ticket Sales
Are you still brainstorming? Keep on going - push your ideas further. How can you sell the most tickets possible?
Here’s a few ideas to get you started:
• Combine drawing ticket sales with other activities of the organization. Does your group sponsor a fall carnival, dinner, sports tournament or other event? Set up a booth at these events to sell tickets.
• Sell tickets at your regular group meetings, and keep everyone up to date about the campaign’s progress.
• Set up booths at local fairs and grocery stores.
• Have a reasonable time line for sales, especially for big-ticket items. A minimum of one month selling period should be allowed. Plan for 2-3 months for larger ticket items.
• Give your prizes away at a regularly planned event, or a special event. Have tickets available for last minute buys.
• Leverage your organization’s value to the community. When selling tickets, volunteers should make it clear what the sales are for. The more familiar people are with the cause or organization, the more likely they are to buy tickets.
Step by Step Drawing Guide
Now that you have an idea of the essentials for your raffle campaign, lets break it down into steps
1. Planning Meeting with the committee - brainstorm as many ideas and possibilities, as well potential pitfalls. Assign members to researching prizes.
2. Regroup with your committee - report progress on prizes.
3. Advertise your "GRAND GIFT" with fliers and word of mouth.
4. Finalize time lines, when ticket sales will start and when they will end. Plan the date and how the giveaway will take place.
5. Gather gift certificates for biggest sellers of tickets.
6. Get drawing ticket layout with your logo for approval.
7. Get the raffle tickets delivered by us.
8. Keep records of which tickets will be given to which sellers through our software. Having our numbered tickets will help in record keeping.
9. Distribute tickets to the sellers.
10. Assign captains to follow up with groups of sellers
11. Have a mid-campaign committee meeting. Report on how ticket sales are going, how to boost sales if needed.
12. Set a due date (before the giveaway day) for the sellers to turn in the money and tickets (both sold and unsold. Place sold tickets in a safe holding area.
13. On the appointed date and time, draw for the Grand Gift.
14. Distribute the gift.
15. Have a celebration party. Thank all your volunteers, ticket sellers and buyers. Acknowledge your highest fund raisers and give out awards.
There you have it! With a little creativity and super selling, you can raise a lot of support for your organization!



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